Demo access to simulations

What will you get?

The example below is a gold price simulation document for a period of 522 days during which it is traded. This is approximately two calendar years, since gold is not traded every day.

In the demo account, you’ll have full access to only one asset, namely gold, and only for a predetermined horizon of 522 days when it is traded (approximately 2 calendar years, since normally one calendar year has 260 to 262 days when the gold is trading). As a demo user you will see all the assets that are accessible to users with active account, but the demo account will still display statistics for gold only in the already mentioned horizon.

Note: The document below is a simulation of gold prices as you will see when using products. If the embedded pdf file appears inappropriately, you can download it to your device by clicking this link.

Link to the application

Click this link, to open the Monte Carlo simulation web application. To log into your demo account, use login and password demo (yes, login and password are the same!).