Lifetime (unlimited) access to simulations


Full access to simulations without any time limitation. Choose this product if you know you want to use it for a longer period of time, say 5 years or more. In fact, you will never be asked to pay any additional fees for access the Monte Carlo simulations on this site ever again.

In addition to price trends, you’ll also get an overview on the average, range, median during simulations, and information about the average, range, median, maximum, and minimum at the end of the simulations.

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Recommendation: Try demo access to a demo account that is limited to one asset and one type of simulation. It’s free and you’ll know what information is available for all assets.

Unlimited access means unlimited access to asset price simulations that are available at RiskyOrNot. Once paid, you will receive instructions on how to access the application.

Once you have access, you will never need to pay any additional fees, all simulations for assets added even after your payment will also be available without any time limitation.

After completing the order, you will get instructions by email – usually within 24 hours – on how to access simulations. The email will contain your login and password.


Get access to basic graphs that show price trajectories. If you want different charts, you will also be able to download CSV data and perform various mathematical functions in addition to charting.

Why is the access paid?

There is no “rocket science” behind the Monte Carlo method, but the creation of simulations requires resources and time. In addition, you have access to multiple asset pricing simulations in one place. You do not pay for reading opinions, but for access to mathematical modeling, and therefore the resulting value is incomparably higher than subjective opinions.


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